Don Balon won’t let go of their Gareth Bale to Tottenham Hotspur claims, despite even them accepting the economics of a deal are hard to fathom.

The Welshman’s Champions League final performance and what’s happened since has seen the likelihood of a Madrid exit go on a roller-coaster.

He didn’t start against Liverpool, which made an exit more likely. Then he came on and won the match with two goals, one of which is perhaps the greatest goal in a Champions League final ever, so that all made an exit less likely.

Then after the match Bale suggested he’ll consider leaving and said he’d be speaking with his agent, which saw the likelihood of a move shoot up again. But Zinedine Zidane’s exit has made a stay look a pretty good bet, with Florentino Perez probably wanting his next manager to give Bale a more pivotal role.

Nevertheless, Don Balon continue regardless. It’s stated Manchester United and Tottenham are ‘battling’ for the player, but Bale has his heart set on Spurs and will reject other options.

This comes not long after Don Balon claimed Bale would reject Liverpool for a switch to Old Trafford.

Perez wants to sell him to United because there’d be more money in it, but Bale is said to be ‘much closer to an agreement’ with Tottenham and is ‘willing to do everything’ to sign for the club.

Drop his wages to £100k a week? Gareth, you still there? Hello, Gareth, Gareth…