This is perhaps worthy to be our Don Balon of the Day, with the Spanish newspaper pushing potential transfer fees beyond reason again and finding a random rumour from their wheel of fortune.

Manchester United have been picked out as the club and when the wheel was spun around again it landed on Kylian Mbappe.

With PSG making his loan move from AS Monavo permanent this summer, as was always contractually the case, there have been rumours, mainly from English newspapers, of PSG considering selling him so they can keep Neymar.

But it’s likely PSG would be as reluctant to sell Mabppe as Neymar, and perhaps even more so.

Anyway, that doesn’t fit in with the claims. Manchester United want to ‘break the market’ and have offered €270m for the French attacker. Yes, €270m.

Jose Mourinho’s plan would be to form a trident of Alexis Sanchez, Romelu Lukaku and Mbappe. And if €270m doesn’t please PSG then United are willing to be flexible and offer up Anthony Martial along with €190m.