On Thursday, we covered part of Bernardo Silva’s chat with Portuguese TV station RTP. In that story, he spoke about Manchester City’s qualities and the great disappointment of being knocked out of the Champions League this season.

Now RTP have released the full interview, which turned out to have almost 20 minutes, with the midfielder speaking about several interesting topics.

One of them was the talented players emerging in Portugal this season: Bruno Fernandes and João Félix. Given that they’ve both been linked with Premier League moves, RTP asked Bernardo his opinion on whether these players could make it in a greater league.

“I think so,” Bruno Fernandes told RTP. “I think they are players who have shown in our league that they have a lot of quality to maybe go to leagues with more competitive clubs. Without making some sort of criticism of our league and our clubs.”

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“Felix is a kid who is 19 years old. Very young, who has a giant margin for progression, and who has shown that if he works, and if he makes the right choices in his career, he can make a brilliant career. So he could play for the best clubs in the world and can be part of a group that few players can reach.

“And Bruno, my age, an older guy, but by merit has had unbelievable numbers. But also, yes, he can play in more competitive leagues , and can make a brilliant career.”

Then Bernardo Silva was asked if someone at Manchester City has already asked him about either Bruno Fernandes or João Félix. The player only smiled and said: “I don’t answer.”

Bruno Fernandes and João Félix both continue to be linked to Manchester City by the Portuguese press every single day. This Friday, we had updates on the situations both on the Benfica and the Sporting player.