Portuguese TV station RTP featured a good interview with Manchester City star Bernardo Silva on Thursday.

Highlighting the fact the midfielder has been chosen as the club’s Player of The Year, they recall the great season he had for Pep Guardiola’s side, playing a crucial part in their Premier League and the FA Cup titles.

However, the Champions League loss is still something hurtful for Bernardo Silva.

Speaking about the elimination to Tottenham Hotspur, the player claims that they were the best side in that draw.

“Maybe it was the defeat that cost me the most in my career”, Bernardo Silva told RTP. “Because I thought this was our year. Because I thought we were ready”.

“And so we lost in the quarterfinals against an English team that we know well, and that, in my opinion, we’ve proven to be better than them in recent years. It was hard.”

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Bernardo Silva also spoke a little about Benfica.

Even though he didn’t have many chances to play for their first team, he’s never hidden his support for the club, and claims that he wants to go back someday.

He was told by the reporter that he had 36 minutes for the Eagles’ first team, and had a joke or two about it.

He said: “It’s not bad . There are many who couldn’t have it (laughs). I’d like to wear Benfica’s shirt again. But people know that right now, playing for Manchester City and fighting for all the titles, that’s not possible.”