When it comes to transfers, gaining any minuscule advantage over the competition is a bonus for clubs up and down the leagues.

The transfer market is a highly competitive place and getting yourself even half a step ahead of clubs who are competing for the same signings is good business sense.

That’s something Leeds United seem to have picked up upon, with several reports outlining how they’re trying to get ahead of their rivals in recent weeks.

We recently covered how they had taken to using TransferRoom, a relatively new online concept that allows clubs to transfer list players for others to see.

Leeds are big fans of the idea and, according to the CEO of the company, managed to do five deals in five weeks through it last year.

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It seems that’s not the only bit of technology they’re keen on either, with CalcioMercato reporting this week will see them attending a conference in Holland all around the WyScout platform.

The talks, which are held over two days, will see ‘hundreds of decision-makers’ for ‘intensive’ days of talks.

WyScout, for those that don’t know, is an online scouting platform that collects and presents player data from around the world. Club’s use it to track player development and keep track of targets and can even do transfers through it if they wish.

Pretty much everyone in football is using it these days, and it seems Leeds are keen to ensure they’re not left behind.

This, coupled with their use of TransferRoom, shows they’re determined to gain any advantage they can as they look to make that long-awaited return to the Premier League.