There’s a new kid in town when it comes to the transfer market, and his name is TransferRoom.

It’s a fairly straightforward concept, one designed to make life easier for clubs to get rid of their unwanted players, and therefore also helps facilitate the process for teams looking to strengthen a certain area.

In fact, according to the CEO behind the online platform, Leeds United are the club who have benefitted the most from it.

It’s simple: you put your unwanted player in the system and how much you want for him (whether it be a sale or a loan), other clubs see this and decide whether or not to make a move.

The quickest a team has reacted, according to Marca’s article on the platform Madrid convention this week, is one minute and 52 second, while the biggest fee paid for a player placed on TransferRoom is €23m.

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So how have Marcelo Bielsa’s side benefitted from all this? We’ll let the company’s CEO, Jonas Ankersen, explain.

He said: “It’s difficult to pick out one deal from the 300 or so we’ve facilitated, but it’s important for us when we see clubs who really know how to use the platform, like Leeds United, who closed five deals in five weeks this summer”.

There’s no way of knowing which of the club’s transfers were done through the system, yet it’s clear they are one of the teams most interested in the concept.

That isn’t surprising in itself considering how much Victor Orta loves technology and using it to his advantage, and it seems Leeds might have found themselves a new best friend on the transfer market.