This Sunday, ESPN aired their show ‘Resenha’ interviewing the Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus, who had recorded it with them a few days ago.

This show is all about footballers telling stories, so that’s where most of the funny quotes in Brazil have been coming from. They have no problems with bad words, so players can just relax and chat with journalists and other ex-players.


Former player Zé Elias mentioned that there are some European players with strange habits, including some excessive shaving, and he asked Jesus if there are any at Manchester City.

“There’s a… I’m not going to say the name. He’s from the academy, he’s gone up now. Hey, all the time shaves there in the bathroom. All the time. He does not even have hair, he shaves.

“He has a mark on his ass, which he shows people. It’s not the people who see by accident, but him showing. One day he arrived in the middle of the dressing room, and he was there. Then one noticed, then he did it like this: “Look!” There’s a bit of a scar there. Gee, he shaves every day. I think this guy… hey, shaving the leg, that’s ok. But he shaves everything. Complete.”

After shaming but not naming the Manchester City youngster and his shaving habits, Gabriel Jesus was asked a series of questions from fans on Twitter.

Asked who the funniest player at Manchester City is, the Brazilian international explained: “It’s a good dispute. Because there’s De Bruyne, he jokes a lot. He thinks he can speak Portuguese. ‘Porra, caralho’. That’s what he learns. It’s like me there. I curse the kitmen there. Masseurs, I ask them: ‘how do you say, like… f*** off’, those things there. Then I’ll curse everyone. But De Bryune is the one who jokes the most.”

Kevin De Bruyne can consider himself lucky Gabriel Jesus just wanted to reveal the Belgian’s humour, rather than again go into the overly personal habits of teammates.