Things we know: Barca still aren’t keen on Yerry Mina despite the Colombian having a great World Cup. The Catalan media have been falling over themselves for months trying to express just what a disappointment Mina has been in training and how he didn’t have a place at the club. The signing of Clement Lenglet from Sevilla only underlines the situation further.

Things we’re told: Barca probably want to keep a buyback clause if they sell Mina on a permanent basis, but a loan is also possible. Everton, Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund and Fenerbahce have all made offers of some kind.

The latter claim comes from Friday’s El Pais newspaper in Spain. It’s also stated Mina is on the ‘exit ramp’ and on his way out of Barcelona this summer.

Having covered the Mina rumours from the start, it’s no exaggeration to say Everton are the most linked club and reports about their interest have sounded the most serious.

A week ago, Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo claimed they’d had Everton interest backed to them by a Barca source, but said they couldn’t get the same assurance about Liverpool.

That sounds pretty trustworthy, because if the information hadn’t been passed to Mundo then there’s little reason for them to split the clubs. The idea of a Merseyside battle is far more attractive.

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Therefore, Everton looks the likelier destination right now.

Earlier on Friday we covered a claim from Catalan newspaper Sport, who stated: ‘The English club plans a joint bid for Digne and Yerry Mina in a matter of days.’

If Barca could offload Mina and Digne together for a nice big combined fee, then they may stand down from their buyback idea.

It’s worth a try. Mina isn’t the finished article and if Everton are prepared to work with him, accept his mistakes, then it’d be a shame for the club to then lose him when he finally gets to his best level on a consistent basis.