By this stage of the transfer window, Nottingham Forest fans probably know that they’re getting a lot of attention in the foreign press, especially in Portugal.

But things get to a new level this Friday, when the Championship side are even getting a mention even in the Portuguese media in Angola, where newspaper Jornal dos Desportos has a story about a transfer rumour.

The outlet writes that the FC Porto goalkeeper José Sá should be off from Portugal soon, and Nottingham Forest a likely club to get him.

The English side have already been linked to the Benfica goalkeeper Bruno Varela this week, so it’s interesting to see them working on two fronts.

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But as we started looking for more information on the rumour, we found out that Jornal dos Desportos are actually copying news from elsewhere.

This Wednesday, Portuguese website Mais Futebol had the same story, saying José Sá is leaving Porto and should be heading to the Championship.

They literally used the same words as Mais Futebol, having only left out one or two from each paragraph.

What Jornal dos Desportos ended up doing was helping us to find that José Sá story, which we missed earlier this week.

Now we doubt Forest would sign the two goalkeepers, so it sounds like they could be making approaches to see which one is more possible. José Sá would probably be the more highly rated of the two.