Manchester Untied are one of many clubs who keep a very close eye on Anderlecht. For years the Premier League side have routinely watched Anderlecht games, leading to a string of transfer rumours.

It’s not only the senior side Manchester United will have an interest in, and recruiting young players from Anderlecht’s academy will certainly be a consideration, with Belgium a prime ground for talent.

Manchester City don’t need to be asked twice when shown a good place to look for talented young footballers, and therefore it’s no surprise the two clubs are reportedly interested in the same Anderlecht youngster.

In a story coming just before Manchester City travel to Old Trafford for the derby, DH state both clubs are keen on Eliot Matazo, a 15 year old midfielder. Currently captain of Anderlecht’s U16 side, Matazo can’t sign a professional contract until he turns 16 on February 15th.

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Manchester United would rather he didn’t sign and instead moved to their academy, and DH state ‘The Lukaku family is trying to lure him to United’.

That’s a special agent Manchester City don’t have, although they obviously have their own Belgian players who could perhaps do similar.

DH further add ‘United, even, used the Lukaku weapon to make a difference: Romelu’s family discussed with the Matazo family to explain the merits of the Red Devils’.

Perhaps Lukaku’s family should advise the youngster to do just what Romelu did. Stay with Anderlecht, break through to the first team, be successful, and then leave with a higher standing and less chance of getting lost as one of many recruits at a club outside Belgium.