El Confidencial have decided to do some transfer PR for Real Madrid over Gareth Bale’s supposed asking price. After a rash of articles talking down the perceived value of the Welshman, and what Manchester United would be prepared to pay for him, El Confidencial take things the other way.

It’s explained Jose Mourinho’s side have made it known they’ll offer up to €75m for the former Tottenham player, however, Real Madrid want €90m.

To make it absolutely clear, it’s stated Madrid will not sell Bale for less than €90m ‘under any circumstances’.

That’s perhaps pushing it, if Bale continues to have injury problems for the rest of the season, and Manchester United come in with €85m next summer, it’s very difficult to see Madrid saying no the potential move.

Mourinho has made no secret of being a fan of Bale, and Manchester United have been linked since way before the Portuguese manager arrived at the club.

El Confidencial state ‘The first movements have already begun, through intermediaries’ and it’s claimed Bale himself, demoralised by his fitness situation, would give his approval.