Fernando Llorente has found himself heavily linked with Athletic Club Bilbao for quite some time, and occasionally Real Madrid are brought into the picture when it’s thought they could do with a striker for the bench.

Now, Barcelona can be pulled into the equation, according to Mundo Deportivo.

In their Sunday edition, the Catalan newspaper say Llorente is being considered as an option to sign during the January transfer window as the club look for experienced and cheap back-up to Luis Suarez.

Llorente’s Tottenham contract expires in the summer and the assumption, or hope, will be that a cheap deal is possible for the winter market.

Mundo Deportivo say a return to Athletic isn’t as straightforward as some think, with there still being bad feeling over the way he left for Juventus.

There’s said to be ‘more pros than cons’ with Llorente for Barcelona, one is that Ernesto Valverde thinks it’s a good idea, and another mentioned is that the Spurs player gets on well with several of the club’s players.

It’s expected that the 33 year old would play a role in convincing Daniel Levy to let him go for a reasonable fee.