Sergio Ramos is negotiating a new contract with Real Madrid, and that means Manchester United were going to get dragged into it at some point.

Defensa Central provide just that today, stating that United are ‘very attentive’ to the situation regarding the Spanish centre back.

Ramos is in the final six months of his contract at the Bernabeu and, while it has been stated that both parties are expected to find an agreement, it hasn’t happened as yet.

As such, there have been rumblings that he will look for a move elsewhere and the usual suspects, Manchester United, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain have all been named as potential destinations.

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Even Liverpool were dragged into the mix last week, a story that was quickly dismissed, with it reported yesterday that Ramos simply isn’t negotiating with anyone outside of Madrid at this moment in time.

He would prefer to get a deal with Madrid sorted, and they are equally keen, with it explained that his performances and ‘great leadership’ are very popular at the club.

They are keen to get a renewal sorted, but there are clubs keeping an eye on the situation and Manchester United are one of them.

The preference, as it was stated, is to stay in Madrid and that is also the preference of his wife Pilar Rubio, according to DC, as she is ‘completely established’ in the capital.

She will support her husband in whatever he chooses but would prefer to stay in the Spanish capital, which could end up being a big factor in Ramos’ decision making.