Right after Manchester City’s 4-0 win over Basel last night, several Brazilian players spoke to their home country media when leaving the St. Jakob-Park.

Interviewed by Esporte Interativo, Fernandinho, Danilo and Ederson all commented on the club’s fantastic form and their work to stay alive in all the competitions they are involved in.

Danilo was asked if can already compare his time at Manchester City with the seasons he played for Real Madrid, where he won two Champions League titles.

“I think everything is a new challenge. But what I can say about this group is the aim,” he told Esporte Interativo.

“We enter each game with the aim of winning, not thinking ahead, but thinking about the next match, in the next three points. I think this has been the difference of this team. Be it a Champions League match, be it a Cup match, whatever. We always come with the thought of winning, the thought of being solid. I hope that at the end of the season, yes, I can draw a line with Real Madrid.”

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On Manchester City’s mindset to win every match, Danilo said: “I think that’s the way, to think match by match. The next opponent will be the most difficult, the next game will always be complicated. And that’s the truth, we’ve been playing cup games against second division teams that have been extremely complicated, extremely difficult. But the way we get in, the responsibility, and the way each player gives everything, I think this has been fundamental.”

Ederson was asked if despite fighting for all titles, there’s a special expectation about the Champions League: “It’s a different feeling, of course. It’s a tournament that every team wants to win, but not everyone can. It is a tournament that has many difficulties, we know that we will find several difficulties ahead. But I think the team is well aware, well prepared, and we know what we want.”

The goalkeeper also had a say on his foot skills, saying he’s been improving on building up plays since he was a teenager. But when asked if he’s taking the number ten shirt next season, he had a laugh and ruled it out: “No, no, I’m going to continue with the 31. The 31 is okay so far, it’s been good with me, I’m carrying it well. The 10 we leave to Aguero.”