Greek website Sdna.Gr have reported on Stefanos Kapino’s recent move to Nottingham Forest, and have raised concerns about his transfer to the Championship side.

Sdna.Gr say the way Kapino moved to Nottingham Forest is a strange because, as they see it, it’s unusual for an international goalkeeper not to find a club for almost three months.

They also report it’s surprising a club like Olympiacos, who are struggling financially like many Greek sides, decided to terminate his contract on deadline day, despite paying €2m for him a couple of seasons ago.

The Greek website also highlight that it’s also strange Kapino left Olympiacos because of supposed disciplinary problems, only to then find himself at Nottingham Forest, who have the same owner in Vangelis Marinakis.

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Sdna.Gr have expressed their concerns over his move to England and other possible players leaving the Greek giants: “When a player of Olympiacos started to have some problems with the club’s staff or his team mates, the Greek side are looking to sell him to the various clubs around the world.

“But if they unable to find a suitable buyer, then they just ultimately give him free to play for Nottingham Forest. This can happen for all Olympiacos players in the future.”

Kapino joined Aitor Karanka’s side last week, and watched Nottingham Forest’s loss to Hull City last weekend.

There’s clearly some suspicion in Greece that all isn’t as it should be.