Kara Mbodj received some criticism in Belgium last week. Nicknamed King Kara, HLN said the ‘king’ part was going to the player’s head and he was believing the hype.

Anderlecht refusing a €12m offer in January from Crystal Palace had left the player feeling ‘too important’, according to the newspaper, and it had showed in his attitude and performances.

Perhaps HLN were trying to motivate Mbodj into a good Europa League performance against Manchester United, and if that was the case it certainly worked. Mbodj showed just why Crystal Palace were interested and put in a good performance, great at times.

Since then, Mbodj has been speaking about a possible transfer, and HLN quote him as saying: “England is one of my ambitions. In the past I have had the chance to go there, but then it did not happen. Maybe this summer though, we’ll see it succeed. It’s currently not a priority. The only thing that counts is a league title with Anderlecht.”

It would be no surprise to see Crystal Palace return for King Kara in the next transfer window, especially if they fail to sign Mamadou Sakho from Liverpool.