Kara Mbodj has got a little too big for his boots, report Belgium’s HLN. The Anderlecht defender was the subject of transfer interest during January and it’s led to some strange behaviour.

HLN say Anderlecht refusing a €12m offer from Crystal Palace has left the defender feeling ‘too important’. Nicknamed King Kara, the 27 year old is buying into his own hype.

At the weekend as Anderlecht players lined up for their pre-match photograph, Mbodj didn’t join them. The photographer shouted repeatedly for him, with HLN pointing out the defender could hear because it was even audible in the press box, but Mbodj didn’t even turn around.

The Crystal Palace target is said to believe he really is the king, but HLN say that’s a figment of the player’s imagination. Since the January window he hasn’t been playing as well as he should, which has been blamed on ‘overconfidence’.

Despite still being the best defender at Anderlecht, HLN believe Mobj isn’t concentrating enough and it could be dangerous to the club’s title hopes.

Should Crystal Palace be interested again in the summer then this attitude may be something they should consider. Sam Allardyce wouldn’t react kindly to the situation.