Gent’s Moses Simon is a happy man. His wife has finally been able to join him in Belgium after experiencing visa issues. For the 21 year old Nigerian international it had been a struggle to live on his own and away from his wife, and being reunited has seen his form improve.

Linked to several Premier League clubs, including West Brom and Middlesbrough, Simon had experienced a drop in form. In March it was reported in Belgium that West Brom had gone to the extent of contacting the player’s agent, as well as watching him repeatedly. At the time Het Nieuwsblad hoped it would see him improve his form.

That’s happening, but the winger believes it’s due to not being alone now. HLN quote him as saying: “Now I have someone to talk to or play with when I get home. Just seeing her face, makes me happy. It is no longer so that I get home to an empty apartment… I did not go out when I was still alone. She is one of the reasons why my level has risen again.”

The improved form will likely have caught the attention of West Brom and Middlesbrough, and on that specific interest, Simon said: “If I get the chance, I will grab it. I’m ready for the next chapter. My goal is to someday play in the Premier League, but that does not need to be my next step. West Brom? Middlesbrough? I read the articles on the internet too, but I can’t speak about the interest.”