Manchester City star Gabriel Jesus was one of the players who spoke to the Brazilian press at the national team camp on Wednesday.

The striker missed the first two fixtures of the World Cup Qualifiers due to an injury, and is now ready for the challenges against Venezuela and Uruguay.

His recovery was a big topic in the interview, as he brought many details about the thigh issue he picked up in a match against Wolverhampton Wanderers in September.

“It was a very complicated injury. At first, I finished the game well, but when the blood cooled, I couldn’t walk properly, it was a kick and then a sprint that I ended up feeling something, but I continued,” said Gabriel Jesus (via Globo Esporte).

“And the next day the doctor asked how I managed to finish the game. I didn’t feel it and then the exams showed. It was a long recovery, because it’s a place that bleeds a lot.

“And I was bothered by being stopped, and being cut off made me very upset by the injury. After the Guardiola interview, there was some confusion, I was about to return, but everything was resolved. I came back and I’m fine.”

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The Manchester City striker has 18 goals in 39 appearances for Brazil so far. He used to spend more time fighting against Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino for the centre-forward position, but has lately been used mostly on the right wing.

Quizzed about these multiple roles, Gabriel Jesus claims he has no preference, regardless of playing for Manchester City or Brazil.

“I have no preference, I give the option to coaches at City and at the national team, this versatility of playing inside or by the edges. I’ve been playing inside at City, but I try to move. Here at the national team I play at the top, sometimes I fall inside. I have no preference, where they put me I will do my best.”

Gabriel Jesus was also asked about footballers who’ve been positioning themselves on political issues, and said: “I think that all influencers, when you become one, you need to take a stand. You have to understand more about the subject when you will position yourself, because there’s no point in positioning yourself wrong. It is only valid when you position yourself right. It’s very valid, yes, for everyone who has a voice, his followers, and us as a public figure, as a player of the national team, who is outside of Brazil, we must always take a position on any subject that appears.”