Everton were one of the clubs who scouted the international match between Portugal and Serbia on Monday.

It’s Portuguese outlet O Jogo who reports it today. With the Toffees constantly having scouts working in Portugal, it’s not really a surprise they would watch the national team.

O Jogo doesn’t seem to know who Marco Silva’s emissaries were keeping a look on, and Everton have been linked to two players who could be involved in the match: Bruno Fernandes and Andrija Zivkovic.

The Portuguese midfielder was out of the squad due to an injury, and is likely out of price range anyway. Zivkovic, who spent most of the game on the bench, was only brought to the match in the second half.

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With only 20 minutes to do something, the Benfica player couldn’t have an impact in the game, which ended with the same score as the first half, a 1-1 draw.

The last time Everton were linked to the Serbian international was in December, when the Portuguese press said the winger would be available for at least €30m.

Scouting Benfica regularly, this could have been an opportunity to see targets in a different type of game.

On that note, Benfica’s Ruben Dias, Rafa Silva and Pizzi also played.