The Ander Herrera and PSG story rumbles on.

On Monday evening, we covered claims from AS that the midfielder is set to move to France, having been offered much better terms than are on offer at Manchester United.

The Spanish newspaper said PSG are ‘very advanced’ in the deal and talks are in the ‘final stretch’.

A three year contract was said to be on offer at the Parc des Princes for £150k per week, whereas the offer to stay at Old Trafford was put at £100k per week.

Paris United say Herrera is interested in the move and even state he’s ‘reached an agreement’, but the deal isn’t done and talks continue.

The PSG source explains that Herrera’s wife is of French origin and the proposal to join the Ligue 1 champions attracts the midfielder both professional and personally.

That can’t be a huge shock, if the claims are correct then Herrera would be receiving 50% more than his current club currently want to pay, have the opportunity to live in Paris, and be pretty much guaranteed silverware every season.

Paris United believe Herrera is patiently assessing his options. He ‘remains attentive to the transfer market’ and ‘takes time to study the offers’.

They say nothing is done yet because ‘other Spanish clubs are also interested’.

There’s no mention of a potential Manchester United renewal.

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Of course, Herrera could be playing the market, with the help, sought or not, of the media, to try and get more money out of the Premier League club, and have no real intention of leaving… some United fans may wish to believe so.

He’s previously repeatedly spoken out when media reports haven’t been correct, and he’s repeatedly made it clear the media twist stories for their own gain and he wants no part of that.

His accusations have been true, but if he is using the media to create pressure on his current club then it may be a little hypocritical. Then again, when it’s a difference of £50k a week over three years, there’s 7.8 million reasons to change tact.