Rodrigo Moreno to Leeds United is seriously picking up pace in the Spanish media.

The attacker’s potential move was on Tuesday’s Super Deporte front page, the regional sports newspaper for the area. The claims are now coming quickly, with Cope Valencia reporting the La Liga club are working to ‘convince’ their player to accept the transfer.

Anil Murthy, the club’s lead director, is keen on the sale happening, and is focusing his efforts on Rodrigo. Cope put a predicted transfer fee at ‘more than €30m’.

Over at Las Provincias, another local media outlet, it’s explained negotiations are so advanced, Rodrigo was left out of training today. He was then seen leaving Valencia’s training complex carrying ‘a big bag’, with the insinuation being he’s packed up.

Whilst that makes a transfer sound imminent, it’s also pointed out the same happened last year when Rodrigo was close to Atletico Madrid.

Las Provincias say Valencia are open to various scenarios for the transfer, even including a loan with a mandatory purchase option. They’d go for this scenario if the total cost of the operation can get close to €40m.

The slant is that Leeds can spread the cost, as long as the total possible payment rises higher than what they would pay for a straight transfer.

Despite this move sounding close, Valencia are still hopeful another club can enter the bidding and provide competition for Marcelo Bielsa’s side, with Atletico Madrid again getting a mention.