Bild will not let go of Leroy Sane to Bayern Munich.

Even if he’s at Manchester City beyond the end of the summer it’s pretty certain that they’ll continue the transfer claims.

To be fair, they have good reason. It’s not too difficult to believe Sane, or at least those surrounding him, has been giving Bayern hope about the move and that hope is then sent by the Bundesliga club to the German media.

Bild cover Sane’s agent change today, he’s left David Beckham’s company to be represented by Fali Ramadani. Bayern’s Jerome Boateng also recently switched to the agent.

Sane continues to be a ‘dream’ for Bayern, and Bild say they know there’s already been contact between Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Ramadani. The agent is said to be known for pushing transfers for his players, with the insinuation being that’s why the Manchester City player has chosen him.

Bild believe the ‘mega deal’ could happen in the summer.

All of this has to be an irritation for Pep Guardiola and others at Manchester City. The club already became annoyed with Bayern’s public stance on Sane, and if it’s correct his new agent will push even more then there could be fun and games ahead.