Things have been happening quickly in Newcastle United’s supposed chase for Marvin Zeegelaar, but it’s best to have a round-up of the situation before making any assumptions.

Newcastle were first linked to the left-back a week ago, when Record said they were evaluating the possibility of the signing. Sporting would be demanding €5m for him.

Now the newspaper is back with a story today, this time saying that Zeegelaar’s price ‘pleases’ Newcastle. But they taken claims from the English press to explain the article, despite the fact they reported it themselves first.

And if you take a look at the English press, it’s websites such as HITC who are claiming that Zeegelaar’s price is good, especially if compared to Kieran Gibbs. After converting it to British pounds, Newcastle would pay only £4.3m for a player with Champions League experience, so it looks like a good deal.

But the €5m figure is still higher than what Norwich were quoted in the winter, with Sporting then happy to sell for €3.5m. Whilst €5m sounds cheap compared to other players, it’s not such a great price in this scenario.

Newcastle, if their interest is as serious as reported, surely know about Norwich’s efforts, and won’t want to pay more.