Visiting São Paulo this week, Manchester United legend Bryan Robson had a lot to say about Brazilian footballers.

Chatting with fans at a club event on Friday, the former midfielder recalled marking Zico in one of his first international caps, and showed great admiration for Brazil’s 1982 team.

But Robson has made it clear that Brazilian football is not only about skills. “If you kick them, they’ll kick you back”, he says, and it turns out that he’s a fan of a specific defender and a midfielder from the country.

Speaking to fans and press, Robson pointed out two guys who should serve as an example of the targets Manchester United should have for the future. First speaking of PSG, he mentioned Thiago Silva as the type of player he’d like to see at Old Trafford.

“For me, I think he’s a great defender. I hope that Manchester United can get a 24-year-old Silva to play for Manchester United as a centre-half. Because he does everything. He reads the game great, he passes the ball great, he’s strong, he’s very good in the air, because he’s not that tall. But he’s very good in the air. So he’s a great of defender and that’s the type of defender (United) could do with at this moment of time.”

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Then when asked why Brazilians struggle to settle at the club, Bryan Robson said he trusts Fred will still succeed, while Silva would have no problems to adapt, and mentioned a Manchester City player who Manchester United should also take as an example.

“I mean, for me, one of the best players in the Premier League, I wish we could find a younger player like him, is Fernandinho from Manchester City. I mean, he’s an outstanding footballer. Because everybody talks about De Bruyne, Aguero, people forget about Fernandinho. But maybe because I was a central midfield player myself, I watch Fernandinho… he covers the ground so well, he’s good in the air, he’s a great tackler, he’s a good passer on the ball, and he can score a great goal from nowhere. He’s a Brazilian who’s one of the greatest players in the Premier League and in the world in that position.”