While many big European sides fight for Luka Jovic, it seems Real Madrid didn’t even have to go after the player to get a chance to sign him.

That’s because according to Marca today, the Serbian striker has been offered to the Galacticos as a possible signing for the summer window.

Real Madrid are said to be thinking about the possibility, although they’re still waiting to see if they would have a chance to sign Neymar in the summer or not.

Marca claims that many clubs have been asking Eintracht Frankfurt for Jovic’s price. Among them, there are Barcelona, Arsenal and Manchester City.

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With Real Madrid still to think about the chance to sign the striker, maybe these sides have the chance to find an agreement with the German side soon and avoid the competition from the Galacticos.

Marca doesn’t say how much Jovic will cost, although it’s pretty clear that all this battle will put his price up. That said, previous link have felt somewhat encouraged, and that’s something to keep in mind with relation to Arsenal and Manchester City.

The player has 21 goals and seven assists for Frankfurt this season.