We like El Confidencial, they’re usually the best source for big Real Madrid transfer news, but we’re not entirely convinced on their latest story.

James Rodriguez has been facing a very uncertain future at Real Madrid. The Colombian’s talent has never been under question, but his application and effort have, and the frustration doesn’t just go one way.

Rodriguez himself hasn’t been completely happy with his time at Real Madrid, wanting a more prominent role in the team. An exit was on the cards, as long as Madrid could find someone to pay the required fee.

However, El Confidencial say things have changed. They believe that with a FIFA transfer ban possibly on the way, Madrid want to keep Rodriguez and try and make things work.

But it’s this bit which caught our eye: ‘On Monday, at the office of Ed Woodward, general manager of Manchester United, there was an important meeting between the executive and Jorge Mendes.

Mendes, among others, represents Jose Mourinho and David de Gea, but also James Rodriguez. The Red club was interested in hiring the services of Colombian ’10’ and announced that soon they will forward to Real Madrid an initial offer of 65 million euros.’

That’s eyebrow raising to say the least, but El Confidencial say Madrid won’t sell because of their FIFA fear.