Sport don’t know what to do on behalf of their beloved Barcelona today.

They seem unsure whether to throw a full scale tantrum, and say if Barca can’t have Philippe Coutinho then they’ll sign Thomas Lemar partly out of spite, or to try and remain patient.

If earlier it was the tantrum, it would appear someone has now picked the toys up, put them back in the pram, and given the Barcelona transfer baby a bottle of milk.

The Catalan newspaper now sound a lot calmer, and it’s stated Barcelona are awaiting ‘white smoke’ from a meeting between Liverpool and AS Monaco.

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The term ‘white smoke’ comes from when a new pope is chosen and white smoke rises from the sistine chapel. In Italy it’s often used to explain a transfer has been agreed, and has spread from there.

Sport’s idea is that a signal of Liverpool agreeing to sign Lemar would show Barcelona they can go again for Coutinho. If not, and Lemar to Liverpool doesn’t happen, then it’s thought Coutinho is less likely, and Barcelona themselves will move on to the Monaco player and Angel Di Maria.