After reports saying Tottenham Hotspur had agreed a deal for the Boca Juniors midfielder Wilmar Barrios, it’s West Brom’s turn to be linked to the 24-year-old.

The story comes from Argentine newspaper El Dia today, claiming that the Baggies have shown interest in the Colombian international.

According to a source who spoke to Telam (Argentine national news agency), there will be an offer of €16.5m for the player.

It’s strange that West Brom are mentioned in the first paragraph, with the other one about the offer not naming the Baggies. So the report doesn’t really make it clear if the bid is coming from the Championship side or not, even though they state that the interest exists.

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Now although the news linking Barrios to Tottenham talked about a done deal, we must say the West Brom story seems more reliable sourcewise, especially because El Dia have been on the money during Juan Foyth’s transfer to Spurs last year.

But just like every transfer rumour that comes from South America, we now wait for it to gain pace so we can expect for developments in the next few weeks. With Barrios now busy at the World Cup, this transfer shouldn’t get done anytime soon.

And after West Brom’s relegation, let’s see if their Championship budget allows them to rival Tottenham and spend €16.5m on a player.