Juventus fullback Danilo has been interviewed by Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte this week, mostly speaking of his time with the national team.

After missing the last World Cup due to injury, the 28-year-old is expecting to become the first choice for his position and finally have a sequence of games for Brazil.

But he’s also spoken a little about his clubs, especially after changing Manchester City for the Old Lady last summer.

Talking about his time in Turin, Danilo has praised the ‘warmer’ environment in Italy, making some light criticism to the life in Manchester.

“It’s somewhat different. I come from England, and the weather is colder there, so are the people. In all senses. In Turin the people are warmer, the fans are closer, always asking for autographs and photos on the street,” Danilo told Globo Esporte.

“It’s been different. In England I had more peace, but it’s cool, you feel more motivated, cherished. I’m adapting little by little, knowing the city, the places, there’s not much time left to go out.”

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Danilo has also spoken about the managers he’s had, and made a little comparison between his last two, Pep Guardiola and Maurizio Sarri, saying they have similar ideas.

“Each coach was important in his moment, it is difficult to highlight each one. Zidane was important at Real Madrid in terms of personality, in what he asked players to do, to play loose football, in a way calling for responsibility and doing what you think. He influences players to decide games, as he used to do.

“Guardiola, Tite and Sarri, on the other hand, each have their own peculiarities, but are similar in their care of details. They are very tactical, they study opponents a lot, what each one has to do with his opponent, and it helps me to think about spaces, the decisions. Of course in Italy, Sarri has been different, a mixture of what I have lived before.

“At City, we were practically mechanical, every step, inch was trained. Sarri likes this, but gives freedom of movement and decision, while Guardiola is a little more demanding in positioning, in movement. But his style of play is successful. Sarri has taken this model a lot, but it isn’t easy to convey the idea to the squad after so many years with another form of playing. Guardiola took two years to do this, and yet we have been doing very well at Juventus despite the short time.”

Signed from Real Madrid in a €30m deal in 2017, Danilo made 60 appearances for Manchester City. He left for Juventus for €36m last summer.