Barely a day goes by with Manchester City being linked to a young star from across the globe and as you may have guessed, today is no different.

City’s scouting network spans the whole globe these days, with the club making it a priority to scoop up young talent from all corners of the Earth, and the latest to be linked with a move to the Etihad is Atlas youngster Alejandro Gómez, also known as El Pue.

Gómez, for those that don’t know, is the captain of Mexico’s U17 team and has already made his debut in the Copa MX and Liga MX, an indication of how highly rated he is by club and country alike.

And according to TUDN in Mexico, the 17-year-old has caught the eye of Manchester City, who have ‘closely followed’ him for several months.

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The website reports that they are tracking his progress and it seems they’re keen as they are watching every game he plays in.

Atlas’ board is aware of this interest and believe that a formal offer could arrive at any point. Should it do so, they are described as ‘willing to listen’.

Indeed, there is likely to be little resistance should Manchester City come calling, with it also explained that Rafael Márquez is ‘supporting’ the youngster so he can ‘make the leap’ to Europe.

TUDN don’t offer any suggestions on what City would have to pay, nor is there even a ballpark figure, but it seems unlikely it would be a concern for those in charge at the Etihad anyway.

Instead, Gómez can be added to the ever-expanding list of young players who the City Group are seemingly trying to get their hands on.