Earlier today we covered claims from Spain that a Crystal Palace delegation has travelled to Seville to speak with Real Betis about signing Victor Camarasa. 

The player spent last year on loan at Cardiff City and has been the subject of repeat claims of Premier League interest, although there’s bad news on the potential transfer.

On Thursday lunchtime, Estadio Deportivo report Camarasa isn’t really interested in a return to the UK because he’d rather stay at Betis and make himself important. Therefore, unless the club push him out there doesn’t seem a great deal of hope for Crystal Palace.

That’s the bad news.

The good news from Estadio Deportivo is that they’ve learned Palace have a wider Spanish plan and their delegation is actually visiting ‘several clubs’ as they look to get transfer deals lined up before the deadline.

There’s no indication of where else the officials are travelling, although if and when they pop at other La Liga clubs it’ll likely make the regional Spanish news.