Tottenham Hotspur hero Lucas Moura has spoken to the Brazilian media after the 1-1 draw against Barcelona at the Camp Nou on Tuesday night.

Interviewed by Esporte Interativo, the winger talked about the feeling of coming off the bench to score the Spurs’ equaliser, which was so important for their qualification to the Champions League’s round-of-16.

Asked if that was one of the most important goals in his career, Lucas agreed.

“I think for the greatness of the game, Champions League, against Barcelona at the Camp Nou. I think it’s a great time,” Lucas told Esporte Interativo. “I think the team deserved that draw, even a win. I think in the second half we fought a lot, we had more opportunities.”

“And there from the bench I was already imagining that I could enter, that I could score the goal. I was praying there, praying to God, and he presented me with it. But the team is to be congratulated, everyone fought a lot and deservedly got the qualification.”

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Quizzed if Tottenham can win the Champions League, Lucas acknowledges that they are not one of the favourites for the title, but have shown they won’t fear any club.

“I think… why not? We can dream, yes. I think we have a great team. As I said, we played against Barcelona as equals. In football we never know what will happen. There is no unbeatable team. As much as we are not a favourite team, I think we might surprise. I believe in our team a lot. Let’s fight and see what will happen.”

Lucas has also spoken about the importance of scoring such a goal in a squad where he always needs to fight to get his chances to play.

“No doubt. I think mainly here in Europe, and at Tottenham, I am living quite this, there are not only 11 starters. The coach has done quite a lot of rotation, and every player is having his opportunity. The important thing is to be prepared for when you can help, to be able to respond.”

“Today I was able to help my team, I was fortunate. And regardless of who is playing, for sure we will give the best. I think the most important thing is to have a strong, qualified squad that gives this headache to the coach. And whoever is on the pitch will make a good match.”