Christian Eriksen and Sabrina Kvist Jensen are to become parents of their first child any day now and in Denmark the anticipation is almost like that for a royal birth.

That’s not simply because of the Tottenham star’s status within the country, but because there’s a rather important football event on the horizon.

As Danish football fans tried to work out when the baby would be due, Eriksen repeatedly made it clear that he’d be there for the birth. Ekstra Bladet say the footballer has told his teammates the arrival is due at the end of May, but there’s every chance of Sabrina going overdue especially considering it’s her first child.

Ekstra Bladet have a full page on the situation in their Saturday edition, and the Tottenham player is quoted as saying: “Sabrina, of course, wants me to be there as much as possible, but she is also understanding that I’m going to the World Cup.

“You don’t know when the baby is coming, so it’s hard to say that right now when I go along. Many here have children and know how it’s going to happen, but I’m a bit green at it because I have not done it before.

“There are many who have contributed to a birth and then played one to two days later. It may be that it is possible, and it may be that it is not necessary. We have to see how it goes, and it’s also about the child’s hope to be healthy and fast.

“But, of course, I want to be there for as long as possible, but there is a World Cup around the corner, so we have to see how long it will be.”

There’s a ‘car ready to go’ to whisk Eriksen away from national team training when the call comes, and it’s accepted that he may have to miss one or both warm-up matches, against Sweden and Mexico.

All of Denmark hopes Sabrina and Christian welcome a healthy baby before the World Cup. It’s all adding to a great excitement around the tournament, one which Denmark thought they had little chance of qualifying for not so long ago.