During the week we managed to annoy some of our Wolves readers (sorry) when we brought quotes from Diogo Jota.

The Portuguese media have people camping out at the airport at this time of year, waiting to see footballers coming and going so they can be pounced upon with transfer questions.

Mais Futebol got hold of Jota and asked him if he’ll be sating at Wolves beyond the summer, and the youngster replied: “For the next season I still have nothing defined, I still have nothing signed.”

“I want to stay. Everything that has happened this season leads me to believe that the next season can be good for me in the Premier League but, as I said, nothing is signed yet and I can’t give anything for granted.”

Asked if Nuno Espírito Santo counts on him for next season, Jota said: “I think so, but you’ll have to ask him that.”

It was doubt where there’d not really been doubt before, and suggested a little concern on the side of the player. Wolves have already announced they’ll be using their buying option to sign Jota, but until it’s done there’s always worry.

Now there’s another quote from Jota after the youngster did so well from Portugal’s U21 side on Friday evening. Captaining the team, Jota scored two and set up one, forming a great double act with Diogo Goncalves.

Record quote him as saying: “It was a good way to end the season. The club already said that they would buy me, so I think it will happen now. It will be a prize to be able to play in the Premier League.”

It’s still not so certain from him, but he sounds a little calmer about the whole thing.