Just like any other Tottenham Hotspur player, it was with quite a disappointment that Lucas Moura left Wembley Stadium on Wednesday night.

After getting an interesting 2-2 draw in Italy, Spurs couldn’t hold Juventus in London and lost 2-1, leaving the Champions League in the round-of-16.

The Brazilian winger only had a couple of minutes at the Juventus Stadium, and didn’t even enter the pitch in the second leg, another reason why he was quite frustrated with the game.

Speaking to outlet Esporte Interativo when leaving the ground, Moura claimed that Tottenham had the game ‘in their hands’, but lacked experience to keep the result.

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“Very sad, because we had the game in our hands, in my opinion. And I think in five minutes of distraction, we conceded two goals,” Lucas Moura told Esporte Interativo.

“Against such team, we can’t falter. It’s a team that is used to playing this competition, a team with a lot of tradition, very experienced. And after the second goal, it was difficult. They defend very well, we couldn’t penetrate the defence. Anyway, it’s hard to talk after such a defeat. You have to take the mistakes as learning for next season.”

With his former club Paris Saint Germain also being eliminated in the same week, Moura was asked if the experience from clubs such as Juventus and Real Madrid may have made the difference for them both to get the qualification.

“In my opinion, it counts a lot. They are teams that know how to play this competition, which they have won several times. So I think it goes on the pitch, yes. I think the experience counts, experienced players. Our team is a very young team, the average age of our team is very low, so we are gaining experience.

“Despite being a great team, a very organised team with great players, you must also gain a certain experience. And games like that will give us that experience. As I said, put our head up, there is a lot ahead of us, there is the rest of the season, we have to qualify for the Champions League, we have the FA Cup yet, we will go after it.”