El Confidencial go big on a Chelsea story on Friday, which isn’t something they usually do.

With the London club travelling to Spain next week for the second leg of their Champions League tie against Barcelona, Chelsea’s situation is of interest to the Spanish media.

And, like us all, the Spanish football media love a bit of drama.

Alvaro Morata is put at the centre of it, with it being insinuated Antonio Conte is using the striker incorrectly on purpose, almost daring the club to sack him.

Big rumours ‘from Chelsea’s own dressing room’ are pushing the idea of Conte trying to get himself sacked, and Morata is said to be ‘upset’ with the situation. Conte’s supposed poor treatment of the striker is presented as a ‘challenge’ to Roman Abramovich.

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El Confidencial say Chelsea have an agreement with Luis Enrique for the upcoming season, but the ‘unthinkable’ scenario of him arriving earlier is put forward as possible.

Chelsea’s players aren’t ruling out the possibility of Enrique being their coach for the return Barcelona leg. Next week.

It’s hard to believe that’s going to happen, Enrique probably has some cycling trips planned.