Manchester United players have been in great demand around the world’s media this week. Facing Barcelona at Old Trafford in the Champions League, the club are involved in one of the biggest matches of the competition so far.

There’s endless pages in the Spanish sport media covering every possible angle on the match, and Spain’s ABC spoke to Ander Herrera.

The midfielder accepts it will be difficult for Manchester United to progress to the next round of the competition, but reminded ABC that his team qualified against PSG, even when all the odds were against them in Paris.

On Barcelona being favourites, he said: “It is a very difficult team with few defects, which also has Messi. When the game gets complicated, he appears and makes a difference, but we will have our options.”

There was no way a Spanish newspaper was going to speak to Herrera without asking about his transfer situation. With a contract expiring at the end of the season, he’s been linked with several clubs, and PSG claims have been the most frequent.

Typically, Herrera was open when asked.

He’d already said in the interview that he wants Paul Pogba to stay, explaining: “Pogba would be a great reinforcement for Madrid and for any team in the universe, but I hope he remains in United. He is a midfielder who has all the qualities.”

Given he wants Pogba to stay, ABC turned the same situation on Herrera, who said: “It’s true that I only have two months on my contract left, and today, Manchester (United) and I aren’t thinking the same and there is no renewal agreement, but my duty is to keep listening to United.

“What I have clear is that I’m going to continue playing in a big team… I will listen to United, of course, but also to other clubs. I do not close doors.”