As soon as Petr Cech left Chelsea for Arsenal, there was doubt put on the future of the club’s long term goalkeeping coach Christophe Lollichon.

Lollichon had arrived to help Cech, and with Thibaut Courtois usurping the club legend, it was a slightly awkward situation.

Reports were frequent about there being a frosty relationship between the pair, and given that they have to work so closely together it was never a good thing.

When Conte was announced as Chelsea’s new manager, Lollichon told the French media he didn’t know what his own future would be: “It’s not for me to predict, it is for the club. For now, I do not know what will happen. I sincerely hope to continue with Chelsea. But the staff is about to be reformed and I have no other specific indications.”

French journalist Bruno Constant, who works for L’Equipe, tweeted on Tuesday that Lollichon would no longer be Chelsea’s first team goalkeeping coach, but would stay at the club.

Doing what? There’s no indication, but a coach as experienced as Lollichon would surely not relish being shunted around the training ground.

It leaves the possibility of him moving to Arsenal to reunite with Cech, which would then mean shake-up at the North London club too.

There’s probably more to come on this.