Manchester United played their last match of the Premier League season on Sunday, and it ended with a 2-0 defeat to Cardiff City.

After the match, the traditional lap of honour wasn’t really in demand, and when some players went over to the stands at the end, Paul Pogba ended up getting a mouthful from an angry fan.

The midfielder had given his shirt to a youngster, and was interacting with others, but still had a few swearwords thrown his way and an invitation to leave Manchester United as soon as he can.

A video has gone around social media of the incident and it’s ended up in the European media.

El Confidencial have an article on it, and they believe Pogba could use it as leverage to leave this summer.

They state the incident ‘may mean he decides to leave for Spain’, but that’s surely overplaying it. Pogba will know he’s not the most liked footballer for many Manchester United fans, and one guy giving him abuse isn’t going to shake him.

However, their suggestion he could use it doesn’t sound so ridiculous. It’s stated the Frenchman could ‘force’ his way out of United ‘with the argument that he has lost the confidence and support of the stands’.

If Pogba, or potentially Mino Raiola, go down this route then it’s pretty likely he’ll lose more support.

And anyway, before he can force his way out, he needs Real Madrid to make up their collective mind whether they want to sign him or not. Zinedine Zidane may be a fan, but the Spanish media continually explain the potential signing doesn’t have universal backing.