Celta Vigo have one match left of the season, against Rayo Vallecano on Saturday, however, their run up to the match has seen a little chaos at the club.

Part of that involves Southampton owned Sofiane Boufal.

Along with Ryad Boudebouz, Boufal was caught by police driving a ‘minibike’ down a road in Vigo. The vehicle isn’t meant for the road, and neither of the footballers had a licence or insurance.

Eldesmarque reports that when the pair were stopped they immediately identified themselves as Celta players, with it being claimed they did so to try and escape punishment.

The police report says Boufal and his teammate had ‘an attitude bordering on recklessness, playing the fool’.

They’ve both been fined.

There’s no clarity yet on what will happen once the Southampton player’s loan ends.

That’s not Celta’s only problem, reports Marca.

Emre Mor is currently out with an ankle injury, and on Tuesday he posted a video to social media which showed him running and jumping into his swimming pool.

Meanwhile, Pione Sisto is said to have been on a ’21-day diet based on exclusively eating fruit’. Marca says that ‘borders on absolute irresponsibility’ given it could leave him weak and impact on training.