Last week Greg Batten, Head of National and International Academy Recruitment at Sheffield Wednesday, travelled to Bulgaria. The Sheffield Wednesday official was expected to hold further talks with Eyad Hammoud over a move to England.

We’ve done some digging and it transpires Sheffield Wednesday interest in Hammoud was confirmed last year by the player’s agent, with talks taking place about a move. Bringing it up to the here and now, last week Sheffield Wednesday sent Batten to Bulgaria to continue these talks, and now look closer to landing the player.

Speaking to Via Sport last August, Hammoud’s agent Anthony Raveaud confirmed Sheffield Wednesday’s interest in the 15-year-old. At the time Raveaud said the English club were keen to get a deal done this summer, when the player turns 16 years of age.

“I told the leadership of Lokomotiv everything. Sheffield Wednesday wants to start negotiations to attract the boy. The purpose of the club is to take Hammoud in the summer of 2017, when he’s the age for an international transfer,” said the player’s agent.

Last year Hammoud made his senior debut, and in doing so became the second youngest player to play in the Bulgarian First Division. He’s since gone on to play a handful of games for the club.