The main story in Europe about Manchester United these days remains the future of Chris Smalling, as the defender continues to impress in Rome.

AS Roma want to make the move permanent, and the general consensus in Italy is that a first offer has already been made, which was rejected by the Premier League side.

The amount of said bid differs from source to source, but it’s believed to have been within the €10-12m radius.

Il Romanista on Sunday state it was €10m with bonuses included, which is different from the last report we covered of theirs, as that was €10m + €2m.

What hasn’t changed between the two articles, however, are the details of the second offer Roma plan on making to Manchester United, and that’s €15m + €3m.

The bonuses will be broken down in three (or more) clauses that need to be triggered, which are said to be Roma winning the title, qualification for the Champions League and another for ‘personal player objectives’.

This could take the deal up to around €17m relatively easily, but the last €1m or so (we’re guessing the amount here based on the breakdown) for the title clause might have to wait a while.

That gets Roma closer to the €20m requested by Manchester United, and it’s claimed there could be a new meeting between all parties before Christmas with hope a step forward can be taken.