Paul Pogba France

As Paul Pogba’s departure from Juventus is reaching the final stages, Italian newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport have managed to get an interview with his former coach at Le Havre.

Mohamed Chacha, who also worked with the likes of Benjamin Mendy and Riyad Mahrez, talked about his time training Pogba and what he expects from the player’s move to Manchester United.

“Going back to Manchester will be nice for Paul: when he was there, he didn’t have the opportunity to show his abilities in the first team. Now, with this return, he will do everything to show his talent.”

When asked if Pogba is worth all the money the papers have been saying, Chacha said: “I don’t like to talk about money, if the Red Devils are ready to pay that much, it’s just because Paul is a talent and a golden boy, who works so much to win everything.”

On his memories from the time he worked with the Frenchman, Cacha said he was always been skillful, but only improved his physical condition after moving to Manchester United.

“It was the first time that Paul was away from home. I was dazzled by his tranquility on the pitch and his exceptional technique.

“He took many risks with the ball and tried to create a new technical movement every day. For a rangy like him, it was a great thing. Paul hadn’t developed many physical qualities, however, he had volume and strength in the legs. Later, at United, he improved much his athletic aspect and his intensity.”

But can Pogba still improve? His former coach thinks so: “He’s only 23 and still has room for growth. Playing with great players and a great coach make you improve more. We haven’t seen his maximum yet.”