Even though it’s been nine years since Marcelo Bielsa left the Chilean national team, the manager is still a frequent topic in the local press.

The stories about his time in charge of La Roja keep coming up, especially when footballers are invited on TV shows.

This week, José Pedro Fuenzalida and Mark Gonzalez spoke to ‘Abrazo do Gol’ from CDF, and had a funny episode about the Leeds United boss.

It dates back to the time when Gonzalez was a national team player, and following a bad result, he found something unusual in the dressing room.

“After a match in Ecuador, where we lost that match, Bielsa enters the dressing room ‘hot’ and walked there and here,” said the former Liverpool striker (via T13).

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He’s claimed there was a separate room for the coaching staff, and the players went to take a look at the manager.

“Suddenly we went in and he had got naked. He got on top of a stretcher as if they were going to operate him, completely naked.”

Fuenzalida, who wasn’t at that game, talked a little about how hard it is to adapt to the Bielsa’s style: “For me, he’s a football genius because of how he lives it. But his degree of madness must be handled, because the pressure he imposes on training and matches isn’t easy. The level of demand is important.”

Leeds United face Nottingham Forest on Saturday in the Championship, Bielsa’s players will be hoping they don’t drive their manager to another ‘loco’ episode.