Manchester United fans may remember Fredy Guarin’s name.

The Colombian midfielder was linked to the Red Devils and other clubs for a long time, and can join a list of players repeatedly linked with Premier League move but who never made it.

Now it turns out that the Old Trafford side is still in the player’s mind, even after some years since the transfer stories stopped.

Guarín has been interviewed by The Suso’s Show in Colombian TV station Caracol, and revealed his wish to have played for Manchester United. The outlet’s website doesn’t bring the quotes, since they’ve embed a video which is unavailable outside of Colombia.

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Guarín has claimed that his ‘childhood dream was playing in Europe for Manchester United’.

Caracol then says he’s had the chance to feature for other big clubs such as Porto and Inter Milan, and the player actually had a good story about his transfer to the Portuguese side back in 2008.

“I went for a vacation and had the phone off, I arrived at noon and saw that Caracol were saying ‘Fredy Guarín is the new player of Porto, from Portugal’. I was like: ‘what?’

“I turned on the phone and there were over a hundred missed calls. I called my agent, he told me to go out there.”

It wasn’t quite Manchester United, but still a good move.

Fredy Guarin, now 33 years of age, is currently a free agent.