It looks like a work permit has really been the reason why Everton still didn’t complete the signing of Santiago Sosa from River Plate.

The fact that his agent is in Europe trying to sort the issue has been reported for a few days now, and this Tuesday, La Pagina Millonaria comes up with an update situation.

They don’t say that Sosa is trying to get a permit directly from the Football Association. What they say is that he’s struggling to get a European passport.

It’s claimed that the player has European family background, but the process takes time, and that’s the issue which is delaying the deal.

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La Pagina Millonaria says the transfer is ‘stagnant’ for now, despite the agreement that Everton and River Plate have for the move.

The website finishes the story wondering if it could still happen before the end of the transfer window. But there seems to be no exact answer to this question for now.