As the Sergio Ramos saga goes on, outlet Bernabéu Digital brings the latest on the defender’s situation at Real Madrid.

Besides the drama around his contract situation which makes a departure possible, there’s now some concern regarding the player’s knee injury which has been leaving him out of Zinedine Zidane’s team.

Even though the likes of Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain have been presented as being interested in taking him away from Spain this summer, these clubs are now said to be worried about his physical condition.

The English and the French sides reportedly consider his signing to be high risk due to his age, and will now only take a decision once he returns to playing for Real Madrid.

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Regarding the contract situation, Bernabéu Digital says there’s now a bigger chance Ramos will end up signing a new agreement with Real Madrid, extending the current deal which expires in the summer.

Even though the La Liga giants don’t want to spend too much to keep the 34-year-old, it’s claimed that a deal between them is now closer than it seemed a few days ago.