In the past few months, we’ve covered a couple of stories from Argentina which explained that Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio Romero is a much loved personality at the national team.

But things in football change fast, and their defeat to historic rivals Brazil has turned the media against the goalkeeper. Partially because of his performance, and mostly because of his quotes after the match.

The game was tied 0-0 until Brazilian defender Miranda scored in added time. As his header was made inside the six yard box, part of the Argentine media blamed Romero for not coming out to clear it.

Website Infobae called it a ‘decisive mistake’, and even asked if the goalkeeper should be kept in the starting team for the next friendlies.

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But things got worse with Romero’s comments after the match, as he’s blamed Giovanne Simeone for the goal.

“First, Neymar took an incredible corner, hit the ball hard, which never took height, and fell right on the near post… Just before a Brazilian passed by, Gio, who was our first man, left towards the near post behind him, and we had the space, these are things that happen.” (via Olé)

Now in response, Maximiliano Mesa has shown more of a team spirit, and didn’t want to blame any of the teammates for the mistake.

“Giving blame to someone is not the right thing, two free players came in. So if we score we all score and if we make a mistake we all make mistakes, that’s the most important thing,” said Mesa (via MDZ).

The Argentine press is now obviously asking if this was a quote aimed at the Manchester United player. And in case it is, things don’t look good for his return to the national team next month.