Cengiz Under’s stock has, over the past few months, increased considerably, to the point where clubs like Arsenal and Bayern Munich are continuously linked with him.

How interested these clubs actually are in the Roma winger has yet to be revealed, as no real offers have been made for his services, but who knows what could happen between now and January?

Over in Italy, there is an ongoing discussion over what the Serie A side should be doing if the right offer comes along, and the alleged consensus within the club is that €60m would do the trick.

That might seem like a lot, especially for a 21-year-old, but Arsenal have shown they are willing to spend big on the right player in the past.

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A reason for that elevated price, according to, is that Roma will also have to pay 20% (so €12m if the sale is €60m) of a future sale back to Basaksehir.

The website also state that Arsenal are the ones in ‘pole position’, ahead of the Bundesliga side, to sign him, which is a bit of a contrast to some of the other reports around Europe after his former agent stated Bayern wanted him to replace an ageing Arjen Robben.

We’d be shocked if the Gunners did, in fact, spend €60m or so in January, but after the strange, shortened, summer transfer window we’ve just had, who knows what could happen?

Either way, they’ll have to face an inflated price, as Roma, aware of their obligations, will want to keep as much money as possible.